One of a kind crystal jewelry that can be worn on any occasion.


12 Gems Jewelry was created out of a love of crystals and their metaphysical healing abilities. When wearing a crystal or gemstone you feel calm and peaceful as its vibration radiates into your being. 

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Each collection unites the healing abilities of two or more crystals so as to work in unison with each other and their corresponding chakra centers in the body.


Moonstone is known as the "travelers stone" as it protects travelers as well as lovers on their journey. Moonstone is a wonderful crystal for new love, and current love. It stimulates the kundalini and is a fertility stone. It aids in self-expression and soothes and heals the emotional body. Moonstone is the stone of the Goddess and the feminine and it helps to attune the rhythms of the body to the rhythms of Nature.f


Pearls are one of nature's unique gemstones. Formed in mollusks in both fresh and salt water, Pearls have long been associated with beauty and treasure. In ancient societies Pearls symbolized the moon and were thought to imbue magical properties. It is known for its calming effect on the body as well as its ability to balance the aura. Pearl cultivates inner wisdom and will bring in energies of integrity, charity and generosity.


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. It heals emotions and draws in love and harmony, transforming relationships with yourself and others. It links one's heart to that of the earth and the heart of the Universe. Rose Quartz stimulates the crown chakra, third eye and throat chakras, bringing them into alignment with the heart. It harmonizes the body, bringing an abundance of love energy from within. 


Garnet was known for its protective and curative abilities such as neutralizing poison, calming fever and reducing depression. As a root chakra stone, Garnet is great for manifestation. It helps to keep one balanced and grounded while turning dreams into reality and bringing abundance into one's life. 

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